So Fresh, So Clean

Above: Wilson’s Warbler being cuter than need be. Below: Green-tailed towhee feeling like a new man. Hello and hi! It’s lately been pretty crazy over here with the birds. It appears that I have the most coveted puddle, where all the birds want to go. … Continue readingSo Fresh, So Clean

Sense of Place

I like to hunker, usually alone, often. I get some slack for this, but I like and need to be alone, at least a good portion of the time.  But the more important point is that my westward view is almost ideal, and I get … Continue readingSense of Place


Hello, howdy! I’ve had some people express interest in these photos recently…so given that bristlecones are by far one of my most favorite things in life, I was pretty elated that others found some solace and/or joy in them as well. I was recently asked … Continue readingEnchantment