Happy Public Lands Day!

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Happy Public Lands Day! Public lands are pretty critical, pretty significant, pretty vital. It’s one of the main reasons I’ll never live east of New Mexico again. I need room to roam, as we all do, even if you aren’t aware of it. It’s a necessity for the human spirit. I’m grateful for the public lands we have, even if they aren’t managed all that well. Cattle grazing, oil drilling, clear cuts, etc. It’s a huge issue and it’s really unacceptable to rape our land this way.  It terrifies me what’s going on with the public land grab these days. 
I’m lucky that I have public land within a few miles of my house and that I get to work on/in these incredible areas.   About 30% of land in the US is public, which isn’t nearly enough. For a history on public lands, check out this link .  If you’re into freedom, public lands = freedom.  I don’t love sharing exact locations, but all these photos are from wilderness areas in (from top to bottom) Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, and Nevada. All glorious .                                                                         

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